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Doctor Opera

With the outbreak of Covid-19, Alex's opera work in the UK, US and Europe was cancelled. At the same time a call went out for doctors to return to the NHS. Alex went back to work in A&E's around London, but when asked, was always more than happy to sing. A video of Alex singing Nessun Dorma at the Royal London Hospital went viral on Twitter, sparking media attention from all around the world. 

Alex was interviewed (and sang!) on radio and TV news stations in the UK, US, Australia, and Korea. In May 2020, Alex released a charity single (Panis Angelicus) with Barts Choir, to raise money for the Barts Health Emergency Covid Appeal. He has featured as a guest on GoogleTalks, discussing the role of big tech companies in the future of the arts.


In all of his media appearances Alex has tried to promote the wellbeing of healthcare professionals, and the plight of artists and arts organisations in the UK.

Alex hopes to continue to be an ambassador for the performing arts, as he believes they are essential to quality of life, a powerful tool for societal change and the birthright of all people.

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